Is Biscotti the New Cupcake?

Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes.  First, whoopie pies were supposed to be the new cupcake.  Then, pies were the new cupcake. With all the cupcake shops in NYC and around the country still popping up, it seems that cupcakes are still the new cupcake.

However, since its opening in 2007, Bis. Co. Latte has suggested a different alternative–the biscotti–that hard, twice-baked Italian cookie that’s been around for centuries.  Today, the biscotti has an air of sophistication, although its roots are plebeian.  It’s not as easy to say “biscotti” as it is to say “cupcake,” and biscotti isn’t covered in lusciously-fat frosting or decorated with pretty colors, so I doubt that biscotti will ever give the cupcake much competition for first place in the guilty pleasures category.  However, it is a welcome change from all those cupcakes!  And Bis. Co. Latte gets creative with a wide variety of flavor combinations.  They even have vegan and gluten-free biscotti as well as seasonal and gourmet.

If you’re not sure what flavor you want to try, don’t worry.  They have an abundance of small cups near the cash register where you can sample many of their flavors.  I decided on rose after sampling and enjoying its subtlety.  I also got the cherry apricot. 

My friend got the oatmeal crazin raisin and chocolate hazelnut DaPrato. 

The nice thing about the biscotti is that they are a healthier snack for you and the flavors, unlike the cookie itself, are soft and not overpowering.


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