White Cow Dairy

It is such a beautiful day in New York City, so I decided to walk around the neighborhood.  I meandered into Murray’s Cheese Shop on Bleecker Street not looking for anything in particular.  I got some cottage cheese from Ben’s, and I also spotted small glass containers shaped like a milk bottle.  They contained yogurt of various flavors made by White Cow Dairy in East Otto, New York.  I picked up the cherry yogurt as I love cherries.  When I got home, I tasted it.  Wow.  It’s made from whole milk and sour cherries, and it was creamy, rich, and flavorful.  Absolutely delicious.  So I read about White Cow Dairy online and was happy to find out more about it.  The owner, Patrick Lango, is a fourth-generation dairy farmer who subscribes to the Slow Food movement.  I want desperately to try one of his creme bulgares.  Now, I do have to put in a word about Ben’s cottage cheese.  I love cottage cheese, but what you often find in the grocery store is not cottage cheese to me.  I usually buy Friendship because it’s made of the purest ingredients.  However, one hasn’t tasted cottage cheese until they’ve had Ben’s.  I can’t stress enough how I hate mass-produced food.  It just tastes so bad and has really warped our sense of taste.  And until you try foods made in a more natural way, you really don’t know what you’re missing.  Anyway, I will definitely be back to Murray’s for some more White Cow.


One response to “White Cow Dairy

  1. Yes I too picked up some White Cow Creamery yogurt at Murrays in Grand Central. The best ever…wish Whole Foods would carry it.

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