Sanguinaccio is one of those old-fashioned Italian treats.  It is a chocolate pudding made with pig’s blood.  (I’ve seen it made from cow’s blood too.)  I’m assuming it comes from the olden days when every part of an animal was used when the animal was slaughtered.  I was seeing it in the Italian bakeries this March, but I haven’t seen it since.  I had read that it was eaten during Lent.  My family did eat it years ago, but no one buys it now.  I think the blood is used as a thickener.  It also contains typical Italian dessert ingredients like citron and pine nuts.  I really love trying weird Italian foods, but I’m not sure I could eat this one!  However, it would be a safe and satisfying dessert for Edward Cullen.  (OK, I am a Twilight fan.)

Speaking of old Italian dishes, a Venetian friend of mine told me about lardo di colonnata.  It is a cured pork fat made in Colonnata in Tuscany, an area known for its marble.  As with many foods in Italy, there is an age-old process for making the lardo and indeed people there have been making it and eating it that way for thousands of years.  My friend said it is illegal to make it in the European Union, but it is not. Apparently, what happened was that the EU health inspectors wanted to regulate its production but thanks to a good lobby, producers of lardo convinced the health commission it was safe to eat.

Seriously, can we use common sense here?  If these age-old methods were unsafe, we wouldn’t be alive because our ancestors would’ve died from consuming them.  What did humanity do since the dawn of time without the food police with their team of inspectors to regulate?  It’s refreshing to see that some still stand up to the brave new world.


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