Max Brenner’s Chocolate

My friend took me to Max Brenner’s for a surprise and what a sweet surprise!  I was curious about the Italian thick hot chocolate and ordered a dark one.  It came in a strange-shaped mug that I lifted and drank out of as if I was pouring it.  When I read “Hugmug” on the back of the mug, I then realized I was supposed to hold it cupped in my hands like one would hold a warm cup of hot cocoa.  Duh, I felt stupid after that, but hopefully, if someone reads my blog, they now know how to hold the hugmug.  Very rich, this drink would be great on a very cold day.  Max Brenner’s has a food menu, but I recommend just coming for dessert.  It is a lively, noisy place, but luckily, we got a good table.  We ordered a fondue for two with toffee sauce, dark and milk chocolates and strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies and brownies to dunk.  It was a lot of fun and yummy. 

This is a great place to bring kids, and there were a lot of kids.  Of course, kids and chocolate fondue does mean mess and chocolate-stained clothes, but it may be worth it for the kids to have a fun time!  Like Serendipity, this is one of those touristy places, but it is fun.

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