I Made Sushi

I made sushi at a New York City Bar Association function tonight.  It was a fun event and a good way to meet people.  It was also a good cause as the event also raised money to help Japan.  The hard part was done for us, as there was a big bowl of sushi rice on the table already and the fish and veggies were precut for us as well. 

All we had to do was put the nori down, pat down the rice after dipping our fingers in water,

lay the fish and veggies down evenly,

and make the roll.  Up, over and under.  Far from perfect, the rolls were fun to make.  It’s definitely made me want to experiment more with sushi.  Luckily, a woman from Japan happened to be at our table, and she told us that the Japanese do not make sushi at home–that they go out to eat sushi and they do not eat rolls.  In addition to sushi, there was a representative from Suntory there with some Hibiki and Yamazaki whiskeys for us to try.  My favorite was the Yamazaki aged 18 years as it had smoky notes to me. 

In keeping with the Japanese theme, currently I’m reading the book Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat:  Secrets of My Mother’s Tokyo Kitchen by Naomi Moriyama.  So far, sushi isn’t mentioned, but eating lots of vegetables is.  I’m learning a lot from the book, but I don’t think I could ever eat the Japanese way because I love carbs and dairy too much.  I do, however, think incorporating more fish and vegetables into one’s diet can only be a good thing.

When I visited Iceland, I toured a gravesite and the markers showed people living well into their 90s.  In Japan and Italy, people are known to live long.  Interestingly, these three countries are islands and peninsulas, isolated places, but they all have a high fish diet.  Vegetables are a large part of a Japanese and Italian diet, but not an Icelandic diet.  (I also thought Iceland was one of the least stressful places I’ve ever been, which may account for a lot.)

Anyway, pictures to follow of my great sushi soon.

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