Beer at Duane Reade

OK, that doesn’t sound so weird.  I guess pharmacies carry beer; I can’t recall buying any there as I so infrequently buy beer.  I was uptown on Tuesday and needed a few things, so I stopped at the nearest drug store I could find.  This happened to be the brand-new Duane Reade on 72nd Street and Broadway.  I was handed a flier and coupon for $5 off a $15 purchase, so of course that was an incentive to buy more than the conditioner and tissues I went in for.  I headed upstairs first and got what I needed and also perused the cosmetics section which was well stocked with interesting brands.  Downstairs I noticed had aisles of food and I also casually noticed what looked like a bar on my way to check out.  I was in such a rush, I totally missed something newsworthy, nor did I question a bar in a pharmacy.  (This is New York, after all, where people are used to seeing strange things.)  Apparently, you can get “growlers” of beer at Brew York City.  I’m so out of the beer loop; I don’t know what a growler is.  The article says it’s a 64-ounce glass jug.  Wow, that’s really filling a need.


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