New England Pizza

Sally’s Apizza (Italian Americans call pizza “apizza”–but it sounds more like “a-beets”)  has been in business since 1938 in New Haven, Connecticut and serves up one fabulous pie.  With a coal-fired oven, the crust on this pie bakes to perfection with a crispy blackened bottom.  The sauce is delicious as well.  This pizza would be a perfect ten if it weren’t for the cheese.  The cheese is not a good quality mozzarella.  Maybe it used to be, but it’s not anymore.  And it definitely affects the flavor.  That’s an easy fix, though, because perfect crust is the hardest part.

Another famous pizzeria is Caserta’s in Providence, Rhode Island.  I feel like Caserta’s was the opposite of Sally’s.  The dough/crust wasn’t fabulous, the sauce wasn’t fabulous, but the cheese was delicious.  (Let me just clarify something here–I don’t consider chain pizza actual pizza, so when I make comparisons, I am only comparing pizzerias that do things the traditional way or that are known for doing things the traditional way or who excel at their craft.  The worst pizza at any one of these shops is better than the best from Domino’s, Pizza Hut, or Papa John’s, which in my opinion serve rubbery crap.) 

Put these two together and you have one absolutely out-of-this-world pizza.


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