Cupcake mix

Since I had such good luck with box mixes from Jacques Torres, I thought I would try this one that I got on sale at the grocery store for like $1.50 or something ridiculous like that.  They are called Jo Cupcake, and these were carrot cake.

At first, I thought I’d have to make my own frosting until I read the box and found a frosting packet included.  Here is the dry mix:

Now, all I had to add was 1/4 cup oil, 1/4 cup water and 2 eggs.  I added egg whites instead of yolks.  I also substituted buttermilk for the water because I had read that that makes a firmer cupcake, and indeed it does.  I also used olive oil for the oil.  The cupcakes themselves were beautiful.

The instructions for the frosting packet included “kneading” the frosting before opening, which I did, and then frosted.  I adorned with the accompanying white sprinkles and voila!

These cupcakes were very yummy!


2 responses to “Cupcake mix

  1. Delicious looking carrot cake cupcakes!

  2. Those are very cute! I’ll have to look out for that brand. Nothing wrong with taking a shortcut now and then!!

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