Foodie Art

A while ago, I visited Artspace in Raleigh, NC.  Artspace is a gallery space of artists and on the First Friday of every month, the art galleries of Raleigh are open for touring in the evening.  (Of course, they are open at other times as well.)  One First Friday, I visited the studio of Eric McRay.  The bright, vibrant colors of his scenes of Raleigh and the coast and his portraits of jazz musicians drew me into his studio.  I visited again some time later to find what he calls his “Coffee Collection”–bright paintings of steaming hot coffee next to a plate of some kind of luscious dessert.  This kind of art is good enough for foodies to eat!  I knew I wanted to own one, but I wasn’t sure which one.

Wild Cherry Pie by Eric McRay

I love cherry pie, but…

Chocolate & Cherry Vanilla by Eric McRay

I also love chocolate and vanilla cakes.  The wall beckoned me with pics of swirling coffee and chocolate chip cookies, red velvet cake, apple pie…What to do?  I visited Mr. McRay in his studio with the goal of buying a painting and wound up commissioning him to do a new piece of artwork completely for my new kitchen.  I had a very entertaining conversation with Mr. McRay, who is interesting and very friendly.  Together, we worked on the idea for my painting, chatting and brainstorming.   I am so excited to see the finished product, which will be done in a few months.  I will update when the piece is finished.  I’m going to keep the subject matter a secret until it’s finished and then I’ll post a pic on my blog.


4 responses to “Foodie Art

  1. Beautiful paintings!!
    I’ll wait to see his new painting for you.

  2. Excellent! Thanks. Posted it on my blog and facebook.

    Best wishes, Eric

  3. This foodie art looks awesome…will share with Stacie…she’ll love it

  4. I can see why you’d fall in love with these paintings. They are full of charm and whimsy. Can’t wait to see what you commissioned.

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