Sugarland in Chapel Hill

On a recent trip to Chapel Hill, I stopped in Sugarland.  I’d been there a few times before, usually for gelato.  (The gelato is good but not the best I’ve ever had.)  This time, I eyed the cupcakes in the case.  Spumoni caught my eye.  Pretty pink frosting glazed with chocolate and topped with a strawberry.  The guy behind the counter told me it had been named best cupcake in the News and Observer recently. 

I’m a big red velvet cupcake fan, so I got one of those as well.

If you like cream cheese frosting, you will love these.  This is probably the best cream cheese frosting I’ve ever had.  It was just the right amount of sweet and cream cheese.  And of course, I love the generous helping of it.  Also, both the frosting and the cake were fresh, as you can tell from this photo:

I do believe there is something comforting about a cupcake, and once in a while, I indulge.  In the Triangle, this is my favorite cupcake (mostly because of the superior frosting).  However, I’ve not tried them all.  I’ve tried Bittycakes‘ Some Like It Hot, a cupcake that I adore.  I was also a big fan of the Pound Cake Company cupcakes, but I’ve noticed a taste change recently in them.  An absolutely wonderful cupcake is the Divalicious at Sweet T’s.  This idea was an ingenious one, to add chocolate ganache in addition to the cream cheese frosting.  I have also been to the Cupcake Shoppe in Raleigh too many times to count and consistently get a dry cupcake with equally dry frosting–even the cupcake of the day.  I haven’t tried Bliss, which by the picture in the N&O looks quite fascinating.  Regardless, at around $3 a pop, specialty cupcakes aren’t cheap, so they shouldn’t be mediocre.  They should be a cupcake experience, and for that, Sugarland (and Bittycakes and Sweet T’s) delivers.


2 responses to “Sugarland in Chapel Hill

  1. Ugh. I need to come and visit you. We can just eat out for 3 meals a day for 3 days straight with you leading the way.

    I am seriously drooling over these.


  2. Can’t wait to try some of your Triangle recommendations. I had to chuckle at the Cupcake Shoppe comment though: I have NEVER had a good cupcake from there! They are always dry, like you said. You need to try ordering from The Cupcake Bar online only. Minimum order of a dozen I think, but they are scrumptious!

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