North Carolina State Fair


I didn’t try the chocolate bacon at the state fair, but it is appropriate that the state known for its pork would have something like this. 


A made-from-scratch ham biscuit from the ladies at the Apex Lions Club.


I did have fried mozzarella sticks, which were delicious.

cheese curds

Continuing with the fried cheese, cheddar curds.  Good too.


More fried–this time dough.  Wish the fair had some zeppoles, but an elephant ear was the closest I could find.  Yum!


Fried Oreos.  Nothing special even though they look great.


Fried veggies were yummy, especially with ranch dip.

pecan pie

Fried pecan pie, very good, something any pecan pie lover would love.

frying pie

This pic is of the pie being fried.

ice cream

A fair favorite of mine, R&R’s homemade vanilla ice cream.  Much better than NC State’s, which is fairly mediocre.

ice cream maker

Ice cream being churned using vintage John Deere engines.


More of the pig theme–a Miss Debbie’s Specialty apple with chocolate and bacon. 


Here’s another named after Homer Simpson with a little doughnut on top.


A key lime pie one that I actually bought.


A first-prize winning lovely cake shaped like a Valentine’s Day heart.


2 responses to “North Carolina State Fair

  1. The first time I ever even thought about bacon dipped in chocolate was when I saw Iron Chef Michael Simon do it on an episode of “Dinner Impossible.” Of course, I am a vegetarian and wouldn’t eat it, at this point…but I credit him with the discovery of such delicacy!

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