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Suicide Blamed on Rent Hike Stress

My heart goes out to the Mancinos.  I’m very saddened by the news of a suicide related to rent hike stress.  It’s so troubling to me that so many businesses are being forced to relocate after establishing years of goodwill.  So many things are troubling about this, including how a hospital is a landlord to a bakery.  Perhaps this is what is wrong with America today and why our hospitals are failing.  Hospitals should be in the business of healthcare not bakeries.

Owner of Borgatti’s Ravioli Passes Away

Mario Borgatti, the owner of Borgatti’s Ravioli on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, passed away at age 97.

How to Save Your Favorite NYC Restaurants & Food Businesses

This month, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation blog posted an article, The Restaurant Toolbox: Menu Options for Saving Important Food Establishments.  The article outlines actions we can take as consumers to help support our locally owned restaurants and food businesses.  The #1 thing we can do is to think about where we eat and shop.  Make an effort to patronize businesses deeply rooted in the community.  By doing this, we help ensure their survival in an ever-increasing-rent climate.

The article also outlines what businesses can do to help themselves, as well as what policy  makers can do.  It’s very well written with great suggestions.

NYC Restaurant Week Reservations Open Today

NYC Restaurant Week reservations are open today.

Crumbs Closes All Its Stores

Crumbs has closed all its stores.  It’s not the end of the cupcake though; it’s the end of Crumbs.  According to a Yahoo article, it has more to do with the management of the business and not the cupcakes themselves.  I believe that because these are popular cupcakes.  Every time there’s a work function like a birthday, the office orders cupcakes from Crumbs.

Blue Water Grill

I always think of seafood in the summer time, and if you can’t get to the beach, how about bringing the beach to you?  That is, dining al fresco at Blue Water Grill in Union Square and ordering the most delicious lobster roll ever–the Maine lobster and shrimp roll with herbed mayonnaise, bacon, celery and waffle fries.

Blue Water Grill lobster roll

Sammy’s Fish Box in City Island

Now that summer is here, how about a trip to City Island?  This beach oasis in the Bronx makes for a great Manhattan day trip.

A nice seafood dinner at Sammy’s Fish Box.

Sammy's Fish Box
For starters, bread and assorted veggies.

Sammy's appetizers

I got a scungilli and calamari salad.

Sammy's calamari salad

My friend got the Italian feast with lobster, mussels, shrimp, clams, scallops and crab legs with pasta.

Sammy's Italian feast

I got the clam bake with lobster, clams and corn.

Sammy's clam bake

And of course, I can’t live without dessert–a slice of red velvet cake.

Sammy's red velvet cake